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White Castle is a small town with big secrets. It’s the epicentre of the paranormal community. Expect the wolves to be large and the town’s blood supply to be short. 

I’m the local bed and breakfast owner who offers extras such as supernatural autopsies and burials, earning me the title of The Undertaker.

A string of murders brings the lord of the shifters and the vampire prince to my door. Together we take on the evil lurking in the shadows. But as we draw closer to the truth, they begin to unpick my secrets, which I must protect with my life. Pity they have the best senses in town.

My name is Cora Roberts, elemental badass with a secret that will rock the world. 

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Adeline has been writing for two years. She is self published author of the paranormal romance series, Seducing Hope and Whispers of the Dead. Collectively, Winters have sold over 4,300 books worldwide and been ranked in the top 10 on Amazon in Paranormal Romance.

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Hope trilogy 

How far would you go to protect a secret that causes the dark supernatural world to hunt you?


Who would you hurt to prevent a prophecy from wiping out everyone on the planet?


When Natia Waterford, defender of humankind and self-declared badass, is sent to investigate a series of kidnappings, she’s forced to step into the world of the arrogant Archan Reinheart.

She soon becomes entangled in a fight for both the human race and her own life.


The rules are simple: Everybody’s a threat, everything you read might be false, and, above all, protect your heart.