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Extras - test message

The Bodyguard

Archan - Your bodyguard is staring at me in a murderous manner. You need to get your delectable ass back to this meeting before I remove his eyes.

Natia - Who? zee.

Archan - The tall one with short hair and green eyes.

Natia - Don’t be making eyes at my bodyguard. He might get the wrong idea, and he’s a freak in bed.

Archan - You and him? When.

Natia - 🙄  That’s not what I meant.

Archan - He will die a long and painful death.

Natia - Ugh, put your penis back in your pants. I’m sure yours is bigger.

Archan - And how would you know that?

Natia - I don’t! It’s a guess because right now you are being  the bigger dick.

Natia - Stop staring at Archan he’s getting the wrong idea.

zee - He’s a dick

Natia - 🤦‍♀️ 

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