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Extras - Speed Datings

Speed Dating

Summer grove house had been transformed into an oasis of romantic lighting and mood music. Ed Sheeran crooned about his beautiful woman. Lucky girl, any woman being serenaded by his dulcet tones was bound to fall at his feet. 

Heels clacked up the steps as our next guest arrived. We’d had to make it an invite only list, turns out singles night supernatural style was a hit. 

“Ah yes, Miss. Nolf, if you’d just follow this charming gentleman - he’ll show you to your seat,” I said, waving a hand at Sebastian who was offering Jennifer-Lynn his arm. Vampires could be counted on to be true gentlemen. At least until the biting… yikes, I hope Jennifer-Lynn was okay with what she’d let herself in for.

“Mrs,” Jennifer-Lynn stated. She was a pretty woman who was rocking 1950’s glam with pin curls and scarlet lipstick.

I cocked a brow and tapped my pen on the clipboard. “Excuse me?” 

“I’m married.”

Sebastian paused and darted a look between us. Seriously? “This is a singles night, being married defeats the object,” I huffed.

“I’m available for a fictional boyfriend.”

“A what?”

“Fictional boyfriend, like where you fantasize about someone you read about.”

I darted a look at Sebastian, was this chick nuts? “I see, and why would you consider coming to Sumemrgrove’s singles evening for such a liaison?”

Jennifer-Lynn frowned. Then abruptly burst out laughing, almost doubling over. “Good one, Cora, like you don’t know. Very good, I’ll stay in character.”

My eyes widened and Sebastian and I exchanged our ‘crazy lady on the scene’ look. You’d be surprised how often it happened, so much so, we had an actual look perfected. He ushered the laughing woman away just in time for my new friends to arrive.

“Natia! Thank you for coming, I know you are mated, but I appreciate the moral support.”

The blond goddess, with legs that went on for days, spun in a circle so that her red floaty dress fanned out around her. “Wouldn’t miss it for the world ending.”

Archan, her tall, dark, and brooding mate swept up the stairs behind her, his giant wings snapped closed and she held out a shirt to him. “Put this on, before you cause a riot.”

I glanced back in the house finding Mrs. Nolf’s gaze on Archan’s abs. Archan yanked his shirt on, dropped a kiss onto Natia’s lips then swept into the house. Zee, Duncan, and Zac jogged up the steps behind them. 

“Boys,” I greeted with a wink.

Zee wolf whistled. “That dress looks amazing on you,” he commented.

“Thank you, Zee.”

He winked. “Of course it would look even better on my bedroom floor.”

A growl rumbled around us in stereo, like we were surrounded by a pack of angry cats. I sighed, in reality it was one really big angry cat. 

Zee glanced around trying to hunt the source of noise. The boys groaned and pushed him into the house before being intercepted by Maggie who was gathering up the men in the dining room. “If you’ll follow me,” she said. “Please hold your bad jokes and flirting for the main event.”

“Nonsense, Maggie, I’m too good looking to save it until later. It’s a constant stream of sexiness. I can’t help it.”

I rolled my eyes just as a heavy thud rocked the floorboards beneath my feet.  

“You’re not invited,” I said to the big oaf.

Hudson waved a pink card hand decorated with silver glitter at me. “This says otherwise.” 

Damn it Maggie. As usual he was testing the workmanship of Henley and Levi’s. So far they held up, more's the pity. Wait, what? Ugh, this was going to be a long night.

“You can’t come, then the number of males and females won’t be balanced,” I tried.

Dangerous Dave arrived in a sweep of leather and scowls. “You aren’t invited either.”

Dave cocked a brow at me. “We invited two extra women, the numbers work - ask Maggie.”

I glanced over my shoulder and straight into the little bobcat shifter’s eyes. She looked left and right, like there could be anyone else responsible for this, before scampering down the hallway into the kitchen. That’s right, run for your life. 

“Who are the females?” I asked turning back to Hudson and Dave. Nope wait, make that just Hudson. Dangerous Dave had somehow sneaked into my home, right under my nose. 

“Jazzy and April.”

“Sounds like members of a 90’s band.”


“No, I need their names for my list.” I tapped my clipboard with my pen. 

“Now you have them.”

I rolled my eyes and stepped back to let the Terror of Tennessee into my home. He smelled so freakin’ good. Oh lord, save me now. My ovaries were putting out the welcoming rug for the man. Nope, no, not happening, I reminded them.

“Is that everyone?” Rebecca asked as she floated down the stairs wrapped in pale blue silk. She was epitome of classy and refined. I glanced down at myself. I managed pretty, and at a push mysterious if I went heavy on the eyeliner. The simple little black dress I’d been forced into wrapped up my breasts and gave me a cleavage Miss Parton would be proud of. The skirt was floaty and skimmed my thighs. Rebecca had strapped skyscrapers on my feet that made me long for my sneakers and pj shorts. Four hours and counting I promised them. 

“We are just waiting for Jazzy and April.”

Rebecca nodded. “Ah yes, from the group.”

“What group?” I didn’t get to go to any group.

“Jazzy and April are coming?” Sebastian asked. “From the group?”

“What group!” 

Sebastian raised his hands. “Hey, if you know, you know. You know?”

I leveled him with my Roberts stare and folded my arms. “Clearly not.”

A round of giggling echoed from down my drive, and three figures emerged from the darkness. 

“Lucifer?” I asked, staring at the pretty girls he had attached to each arm. “It’s meant to be a singles night, where you pick up the women at the event, not before.”

He smirked as he got closer, ever comfortable in his three piece suit, complete with pocket watch today. “I found these two lovely ladies staggering along the road on their way here. I thought with all the things that go bump in the night around your property, I’d be the perfect gentleman and escort them here safely.”

Natia’s head popped out over my shoulder and she snorted. “Perfect gentleman.”

He cocked a brow at her as he ushered the two women up my steps. “Jazzy and April?” I checked. 

“I’m April,” the girl on the left said.

The other one - Jazzy - jumped up and down for a whole minute, wow that girl has energy. I was worn out just looking at her. “Omg, we are here - in White Castle with Cora.”

“And Hudson, don’t forget him,” April said. Something hot flared in my chest. Indigestion. I needed stronger antacids.

Natia eyeballed them both. “Is that Natia Waterford?” Jazzy asked. “Oh. My. God. Is Archan here?” She glanced down at her boobs and made sure they were on maximum display whilst still maintaining a PG rating. 

“He is,” Natia said leaning against the doorframe. She was calm, too calm. Oh boy. 

April blinked like she’d just realized who they’d been verbally fucking Archan in front of. 

“Don’t worry we’re married,” April said.

“Oh,” I exclaimed. “Why are you at a singles night?”

Jazzy shrugged. “Always room for a book boyfriend.”

I frowned at her, what were the odds? Maybe this group they secretly went to was for the crazy women who believed the rest of us were fictional characters? Clearly Jennifer-Lynn also attended the group.

I waved the rest of them in and let Sebastian and Maggie settle them into their correct spots. 

“Hey, Cora,” Rebecca said, flicking through the list on my clipboard. I was organized, in fact I was the organizer which meant I didn’t need to participate, I’d be too busy overseeing everything and maintaining order.


“We are short one girl.”

What? No, I’d specifically made sure that wouldn’t happen, that’s why I was the organizer. I’d organized myself out of the equation. “Let me see,” I huffed, grabbing the clipboard.

“Lucifer!” I barked. He winked at me from his position against the makeshift bar in the dining room. Lucifer wasn’t meant to be here. But I wasn’t about to shove the devil out of the door. I might need a favor from him in the future. 

“It will be okay,” Rebecca said, prying the clipboard from my hands and guiding me towards an empty seat behind a little table. I was between Jennifer-Lynn and Jazzy. This felt like a set up. I spied Hudson eyeballing my every move with a predator's gleam. Ugh. 

Maggie stepped into the center of the parlor and clapped her hands, gaining everyone’s attention. She blushed, then cleared her throat. “You got this,” I mouthed. 

The boys made their way over, some I knew, others I didn’t. All were supernatural. 

Hudson zeroed in on me and strides over with purpose. He elbow checked a younger vampire named Fred out of the way before folding himself into the empty chair opposite mine. I guess if I get this out of the way, I could relax, maybe even enjoy myself. 

I picked up the sheet of questions in front of me and groaned. The bell signaled the start. “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever dreamed?” I asked.

Hudson’s eyes lit up with amusement. Jennifer-Lynn asked the same question of Zee.

“Well, beautiful, I’m a little bit of a freak in the bedroom,” Zee started.

“Not just the bedroom,” Natia muttered as she placed a glass of wine in front of Jennifer. 

“Also not what she asked,” I added.

“Worst joke?” Zee said getting back on script.

“Did it hurt?” Jennifer-Lynn asked.

“What when I fell from heaven?” 

They both cracked up. 

“Two minutes,” Hudson said. 


“Two minutes of your undivided attention, that’s what this calls for.”

I blinked. He was right, where were my manners? That’s right, hanging out with my ovaries that had packed their bags and ran off in protest. 

“Well, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever dreamed?” I asked again.

He leaned forward and unconsciously I copied him, like it was some big secret. Who knows, maybe it is? “The weirdest thing I dreamed, was that you stopped fighting this thing between us. That you gave into your desires and stopped living in fear. The weirdest thing I dreamed was that you let me kiss, lick, and bite every inch-” my eyes dropped to his lips. 

“Next question!” I shouted as I leaned back and far far away from him. 

He glanced down. “Who would you want to be stuck on an island with?”

“Nobody, people talk too much.”

“Girl! Same!” Jazzy squealed next to me and held her hand up. I high fived her and smiled. Maybe I should go to this group, these women seemed pretty cool. Who cared if they were crazy living in a fantasy world? We all needed to escape from time to time.

Harry floated around the room, offering advice to the patrons who couldn’t hear him. Good job really, or Hudson would have just been told to ‘stop acting like an overgrown house cat, have some decorum, and treat a lady as she’s meant to be treated.’ Whatever that meant.

“What one word would friends use to describe you?” I asked. Arrogant.

He tilted his head to the side. “Perceptive.”

Natia whooped from across the room and hugged April. “I found my sarcasm buddy,” she shouted.

Well, if we didn’t manage any romantic matches, we were certainly matching friends. 

“Time’s up,” Maggie declared with a little tap on the bell.

Hudson folded his arms and glared at me. I raised a brow at him. Two minutes, over and done, Principal, move it along.

“Dude, rotate,” Zee said.

Hudson glanced at him. “Not you.” 

Zee rolled his eyes. “Fine, I’ll skip your lady, and move on to the beautiful Jazzy.”

“Dave,” Hudson growled. Dangerous Dave materialized behind Hudson like fog. How did he do that? “Take my chair.”

“It’s not your chair,” I muttered as Hudson stood and swapped places with Dave. 

Hudson paused with his hand on the back of the chair. “Do you want me to leave?”


“Then stop antagonizing my animal, Cora.”

I blinked as Dave replaced him and Hudson paused in front of Rebecca’s chair before folding himself into it.

“He’s been considerate of your feelings,” Dave said.

My eyes snapped to him. “What feelings?”

Dave sighed. “Are you seriously this emotionally stilted? Teenagers have a better clue what’s going on around them than you.”

“What about you, Dave? Any ladies catch your eye tonight?”

“No, not tonight. I’m here to make sure you two make it to the other side of the evening without killing each other.”

“Now those are more accurate feelings.”

“It’s a fine line you know.”

“What is?”

“Between love and hate.”

“Save me the waxing poetic, Dave. You’ve never minced your words before now.”

“He’s right though,” Jennifer-Lynn leaned in ignoring her partner’s monologue on why he’d like to have dinner with Edward Cullen. “You and Hudson need to get your head out of your asses and just get on with it already.”

Jazzy waved a hand in her partner’s face, cutting him off, and leaned in on my other side. “We waited a whole book for this, you can’t keep us hanging on forever. There's slow burn, then there’s asleep.”

“A book?” I asked just as April abandoned her seat altogether and came to stand behind Dave.

Dave eyeballed the women like he was assessing their threat level. “Yes, book one, where you two meet and eye fuck each other for chapters,” April said with a nod. “Enough already, bump uglies or I’ll take him.”

Another bout of heartburn. Damn that was brutal, I should lay off the cookies. “I’m not clueless, nor am I eye fucking Hudson. No fucking is happening ladies - if you're hard up watch some porn. Or take Zee home.”

“The book is always better,” Jennifer-Lynn stated wistfully.

“Agreed, unless you are in the book,” Jazzy said with a long gaze at Lucifer. “Then it’s time to live out those book boyfriend fantasies.”

Lucifer winked at her, Jazzy almost did a full on swoon. Dave even shifted, ever ready to catch the damsel. 

“Time’s up,” Maggie declared and rang the bell.

Hudson shot out of his chair and swapped with Dave seamlessly. I folded my arms and arched a brow. 

The girls ignored their new partners and eyeballed the pair of us like we were their new favorite TV show. “Are you a boomerang?” I asked.

“No,” he drawled.

“Then why do you keep coming back?”

“Oooo burn,” April whispered.

Hudson ignored my new friends and leaned across the table. He snapped his hand out, wrapped it around the back of my neck and planted his lips on mine. Oh. My. God. I melted. Instant puddle on the chair. His lips were hot and insistent on mine, sending ripples of pleasure down my spine. His tongue began to dance with mine. 

“Hey, free show. Where’s the popcorn?” Zee shouted.

“Dude, I’d stay clear of him if I were you.” Zac advised. Yes, go away. Everyone go away. “Shifters are notoriously jealous and territorial. Partially those at the beginning of the mating heat.”

The what? My mind screeched to a halt and I pulled back from Hudson. He let me go. A self satisfied grin on his lips. “I’ll always come back, Cora, the faster you learn that the sooner we can get on with our lives - together.”

He stood and nodded at Dave, they both exited the house with a cocky stride. The door clicked closed behind them.

“Close your mouth,” Rebecca muttered to me as she left her guy.

“But he’s so arrogant.”

“He’s also gorgeous,” Jennifer-Lynn stated with a dreamy look.

“And alpha, so alpha,” April added.

“Also hot damn, that voice,” Jazzy added.

“So what are you waiting for, girl?” Jennifer-Lynn asked.

I blinked at the closed door. What was I waiting for…?

I smiled. Let the games begin.

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