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Text Message - Out


Archan - Where are you? 

Natia - Out.

Archan - Could you be more specific?

Natia - Yes.

Archan - Tell me where you are.

Natia - Out.

Jed - I’m with her, she’s safe.

Natia - That’s debatable. 

Zee - Why do you want to know?

Archan - I need to speak with you.

Natia - Why you want to discuss how much your obbession with me crosses the border in stalker terrority?

Archan - If you are not careful I will take you over my knee and show you how far across the line I can go.

Jed - Way to bring it home bro.

Zee - This fits the kinky side of you doesn’t it Natia? 

Archan - I’ll show you a kinky side. (Delete). Just tell me where you are.

Archan - Natia? 

Natia - Ohh big boy, come and show me just how kinky you can be. My bare skin is begging for your hand print.

Archan - Really? (Delete.) Then tell me where you are.

Natia - I don’t think I could handle you. 

Archan - What? I thought you’d be bringing me to my knees.

Natia - I’d be the one on my knees

Archan - Jed give Natia her phone back.

Jed - I can’t she dancing.

Zee - With a guy.

Jed - Make it two. 

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