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Cora Roberts - The Bathroom Scene

Bathroom Sex

I planted a quick kiss on his cheek. “Back in a minute.”

He grasped my hand and pulled me back. “Where are you going?”

I tilted my head towards the balcony. “Ladies room, privileged guests only.”

He eyeballed the side stairway that lead to the balcony and restroom before nodding and letting me go.

I swept up the steps and was in the restroom in one minute. Another two minutes and I’d done my business and had washed my hands in the sink on the large marble vanity. I turned to the floor length mirror just as the door swung open.

“Occupied,” I muttered checking my pristine makeup and hair was still in place. Yup, it’s like they’d tattooed it on.

The door banged closed, and a lock clicked into place. My gaze darted to the side in the mirror. Hudson’s dark gaze started at my feet and followed the dips and curves of my body as he approached me.

I started to turn. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

His hands reached out and gripped my hips stopping me from turning. He pulled me back against his chest and our eyes collided in the mirror. “I just watched your delectable ass sway up those stairs as you walked away from me.”

“That’s generally what you see when one walks away.”

He shook his head, then shoved his boot between my feet and pushed them apart. My breathing sped up. “Put your hands on the mirror, Cora.” His voice was a low growl that rumbled all the way to my core. His palm found the back of my neck and he put pressure on it.

My hands hit the mirror and I glared at him. A wicked smirk tilted his lips. “What are you doing?”

His hand trailed down my spine, before he untied my dress and it fell to the floor in a swish. He tilted his head. “Fucking you senseless in the vampire castle bathroom.”

I bend to grab my dress. “Not here,” I muttered. Fucking animal.

“If you pick up that dress, I will ruin it and you will have to walk out of here wrapped in nothing but my jacket.”

My hand froze on my dress and I glanced over my shoulder. There was a hint of playfulness to his eyes, but the heat burning in their depths was serious. “Put your hands on the mirror, Cora.”

My palms spread out over the cool surface, the position arched by back and stuck my ass in the air. I blinked at him in the mirror. “You got me, big guy, now what are you going to do with me?”

Hudson dropped to his knees and ran his hands along the inside of my naked thighs. Heat bloomed deeper in my core, and I unconsciously widened my legs further. His fingers hooked into my panties and he tugged them down my legs. “Wider,” he growled.

“Listen, I don’t do yoga, there is no wider.”

He chuckled, then moved my legs further apart proving me wrong. Hot, wet heat scorched my core, as he ran his tongue between my legs. My head fell forward and I twisted to try and aim his mouth onto my clit. His hands gripped my hips and held me still while he explored every inch of me. My legs were trembling with need by the time he pulled away.

The sound of zipper lowering echoed in the room. His hand wound into my hair and he wrapped it around his fist and yanked back. “Eyes on me,” he commanded.

Our gaze snaps together in the reflection. “Ready, Cora?”

“Yes,” I hissed. Was he trying to kill me with tension?

His eyes flashed gold as his beast roamed close to the surface. Then he surged forward and my breath faltered at the stretch. He was relentless, a force of nature unleashed on my body and I was here for every second of it.

His hand released my hair, and snaked around to strum over my clit in a fast rhythm. My toes curled into my heels and my legs tensed. Heat exploded, my nerves lit up like a firework and Hudson’s body jerked one more time into me. He came with a roar that made my ears ring.

A gentle knock sounded on the door. “Is everything okay in there?” Sebastian called out.

“Go away,” we both shouted before collapsing into laughter.

“Because I couldn’t tell if you were fighting or?”

“Go away,” I shouted louder.

Damn vampires and their hearing. Oh my god. Everyone at the party just heard Hudson roar.

“We need to make it look like we were fighting,” I muttered.

I glanced in the mirror. My flushed face and freshly fucked hair gave me no chance. Hudson gave me a shit eating grin. “Not a chance, little witch, everyone needs to know you are mine.”

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