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Extras - Therapy

Session 2
The Stick

Adaline - Welcome everyone, let’s get started. For homework I asked you to bring a song which would depict how you feel about your relationship, and for clarity I have a talking stick, only the person holding the stick can talk. <Hands stick to Cora>

Cora - Wait, what? We have to share with the group?

Adaline - That’s the point of group therapy.

Archan - Is it too late to change mine?

Natia - Why? Your feelings for me not good enough to be on show for the group? 🤨

Archan - No, but I’m a private man.

Natia - fine, I’ll change mine.

Archan - 🤨 Okay fine, we stay the course.

Adaline - Great, now that’s settled. Cora?

Cora - (🎶Never gonna get it,  never gonna get it🎶)

Cora - In case you missed the point, I’m telling you that you ain’t ever getting me. 

Hudson - We will see.

Cora - You’ll see nothing.

Hudson - Next time we roll around half naked on your bedroom floor with our tongues warring, I’ll remind you of this.

Natia - When was this?

Archan - Stay out of it woman. I’ve told you, shifters bite, they are only one step above Neanderthals.

Cora - Word.

Hudson - I have more self control than that.

Natia - Archan, it’s you who bites!

Adaline - Biting is not appropriate, we aren’t two year olds. Also, use the talking stick.

Archan - <snaps fingers - talking stick appears in his hand> The bite represents a claim.

Hudson - Now who’s a Neanderthal?

Adaline - Let’s all calm down. Archan, would you like to share your song whilst you are holding the stick?

Archan - (🎶ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone...🎶)

Natia - 😳

Cora - 🥰

Hudson - 🙄 Get.A.Room.

Adaline - That’s very insightful, you sound lost without Natia.

Archan - <throws stick at Natia>

Natia - I erm...

Adaline - Time for you to share, Natia.

Natia - 😬

Archan - What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue? I can help with that.

Natia - 🙄 (🎶Love me like you do🎶)

Archan - So you submit to me?

Natia - 🤔 How’d you get that from a love song?

Archan - It’s from a movie about submitting.

Adaline - Don’t forget to use the stick.

Natia - You’ve watched Fifty Shades? 😂

Cora - Wow, what have you let yourself in for? Perhaps you should have asked for one of those contracts? Hard limits and all that.

Adaline - Stick? Anybody?

Archan - It’s my job to push her limits.

Adaline - That’s a no to the stick then? 

Natia - I already know his tastes are on the kinky side.

Archan - Her shoulder isn’t the only place I’ve bitten.

Natia - 😳

Hudson - Too much information. Plus finding out what makes your partner tick in the bedroom is half the fun.

Cora - Unless she’s into fur and fangs, I’d say you’re shit out of luck.

Hudson - You weren’t complaining.

Adaline - Okayyyy... let’s bring this back to topic. Natia, it sounds like a declaration of being open and vulnerable for the man you love?

Natia - Sure, let’s go with that.

Adaline - You don’t agree?

Natia - Adaline, this is your head. If you say I’m open and vulnerable to Archan, then I must be.

Adaline - Great-

Natia - But just so we are clear, I’m not vulnerable. I can be strong and open at the same time.

Adaline - Okay. Got it.

Natia - I mean, you don’t have to be vulnerable to be in love, right?

Adaline - 👀 

Cora - I think maybe, yes?

Archan - I agree with Natia, you don’t need to be vulnerable to be in love.

Hudson - Sure, you do. How can you be 100% in love and not be vulnerable? You are giving the other person the power to crush your soul.

Archan - ......

Natia - ......

Adaline - Annndddd finally, Hudson could you share your song please?

Hudson - (🎶 See beneath your beautiful 🎶)

Cora - 😳

Natia - 🥰

Archan - 🤢

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