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Adaline Winters Therapy

Session 3
Bad Life Choices

Adaline - You’re all late. The session started 30 minutes ago.

Cora - Sorry, Adaline, we got held up.

Adaline - Doing what?

Natia - <goes to sit and misses, landing on the floor> Shopping?

Adaline - When you answer like it’s a question, I know you are lying.

Natia - I can’t lie.

Adaline - What did you shop for?

Archan and Hudson stumble into the room, bumping into each other whilst laughing.

Adaline - Are you drunk?

Archan - Don’t be silly, woman, I don’t get drunk.

Hudson - We’re drunk. 

Adaline - This is pointless. We can reschedule for tomorrow. 

Cora <pulls bucket of popcorn from bag, opens it and offers Natia some>

Hudson - Where’s my yummy treat?

Cora - 🙄 Your yummy treat is probably waiting for you in your bed - the one back at the pack!

Natia - Oooh he’s still driving you nuts on your land?

Cora - He prowls the grounds at crazy assed times of the night. He quizzes the delivery people like he’s from the FBI. He’s suspicious, possessive and an asshole. 

Hudson - I do not act like I’m from the FBI.

Cora - What about that Tom?

Hudson - 😬

Natia - What happened with Tom? 

<Door bangs open and in strolls Lucifer>

Natia - Lulu! 

Lucifer - Good evening, everyone, let’s get this party started.

Adaline - What are you doing here?

Lucifer - I’m here to ensure they behave, they’ve been drinking in my club.

Adaline - <glares at the gang> Seriously?

Natia - Snitches get stitches. 

Lucifer - Temptress, the only one getting stitches will be you as you fall on your own ass aided by nothing but your inability to take your alcohol like a real man.

Natia - I’m not a real man, I’m all woman. 

Lucifer - Noted. You’ve been naked enough for me to know you have dimples on the bottom of your back.

Archan - What? He’s seen you naked?

Lucifer - Who hasn’t?

Cora - Me.

Hudson - Because we exist in separate worlds.

Cora - But we are here now. No reason she can’t be naked in whatever wacked out place we are in.

Adaline - That would be my head.

Natia - Are you suggesting I get naked?

Archan - Absolutely not.

Cora - Yes. 

Lucifer - <leans back and crosses his ankles - evil smirk firmly in place> My work here is done. 

Natia - That would just be weird to take my clothes off.

Archan - Natia prefers to be naked by circumstance, not by her own free will.

Cora - I’ll get naked with you if it makes you feel better.

Adaline - 🤦‍♀️

Hudson - Pass the popcorn.

Cora - No, it’s mine.

Hudson - Where are you going to stash it, little witch? You’re about to get naked in order to see another woman naked.

Adaline - No nakedness. 

Hudson - Wait, is that why you won’t be with me? You like women?

Cora - 🙄 Because the only possible reason I’m not rolling on my back and spreading my legs for you is because I prefer women? 

Hudson - I don’t have a preference for you being on your back.

Cora - That’s not what I meant.

Hudson - Against the wall, on your knees—hell, you can be on top if you prefer.

Cora - There’s a special word for you.

Hudson - Ooh what? Alpha? Delicious? Sexy? 

Cora - Conceited.

Natia - He’s sexy too though. 

Cora - Yes, but he knows it. 

Natia - Yeah, I have one of those. <jumps up and starts dancing whilst breaking out into “I’m too sexy for my shirt” and shimmying it off over her shoulders>

Archan - 🙄 This is how she ends up naked.

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