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Why have enemies when you can have friends like these?

Session 4
Why have enemies when you can have friends like these?

Adaline - Welcome newcomers, you’re each here as an advocate for your friend. Let’s get introductions done. Natia, you go first.

Natia - This is Duncan, my best friend and he’s a warlock.

Cora - Warlock? Is that like a witch?

Duncan - No.

Natia - Touchy subject.

Adaline - Now you, Cora. 

Cora - This is Sebastian, my oldest friend, he’s a vampire prince.

Natia - You drink blood?

Sebastian- Yes.

Natia - You drink her blood?

Hudson - Touchy subject.

Adaline - Now you, Hudson.

Hudson - This is Dave, chief of security.

Archan - You expecting a fight?

Dave - No, but you can never be too careful. If these two want to hash it out, that’s mate business.

Cora - There is no mate business, because there is no mate.

Adaline - And finally, Archan.

Archan - This is Zac, head of security. 

Hudson - Huh.

Archan - What?

Hudson - We both brought protection against the women we want. Not sure what that says about us.

Zac - That you can’t be trusted to think with your brains rather than your balls.

Dave - That’s right, we are the brains.

Cora - Not the B word I would associate with you.

Dave - And what B word would you use, undertaker? 

Cora - Bread.

Natia - Ohh bread 🤤 

Duncan - Undertaker?

Cora - An unfortunate nickname some buffoon came up with. That’s it!

Hudson - What’s it?

Cora - Buffoon, that’s your B word, Dave.

Natia - Good one. My nickname is Locks.

Adaline - If we can just get back to why we are here?

Archan - I don’t have a nickname.

Zac - Me either, we are gods, above nicknames.

Natia - 😳

Archan - 😳

Zac - What? I don’t have a nickname. 

Everyone - .......

Zac - 🤨

Adaline - Zac, take your seat please. There’s no nickname.

Natia - It’s not bad.

Adaline - 🤦‍♀️

Archan - It’s nothing to do with me.


Natia - It’s informative.

Zac - I swear to the creator, woman... if you do not-

Natia - Paddy Waddy Zaccy.

Zac - 😤

Cora - 🤣

Zac - I do not have paddies.

Adaline - Right, moving on. The idea here is that your advocates can see things about you that you may not recognise. Perhaps give you an insight into your relationship issues.

Natia - So, they are doing your job?

Adaline - What? No. 

Natia - But you're the pseudo therapist who’s having group meetings with fictional characters in your head.

Cora - Yeah, maybe you should be in therapy. 

Duncan - Stop picking on Adaline.

Adaline - Thank you, Duncan.

Sebastian - You know you just thanked yourself, right?

Adaline - Would you like to survive book 2?

Natia - 😬

Archan - I know you are newish to Adaline’s world, but she’s a ruthless monster with no hang ups on sacrificing a main character.

Hudson - How main?

Natia - 🥶

Adaline - If it’s necessary for the plot, I won’t hesitate.

Hudson - And what do you think that says about you?

Adaline - Nothing. 

Dave - 🤔 

Adaline - What?

Zac - I think it says you are a psycho taking out your issues on unsuspecting characters in your books.

Adaline - Again, do you want to survive book 3?

Zac - At this point I’d be surprised if anyone survives.

Adaline - 🙄 

Cora - Maybe you should bring a friend next time, Adaline?

Adaline - Errr no.

Zac - Why, because you have none?

Adaline - Do you know what the delete key does on a keyboard?

Natia - Gets rid of bad decisions?

Hudson - Yeah, and replace them with worse ones.

Sebastian - Speaking of bad decisions, I heard a rumour about Dave and Adaline.

Adaline - Sebastian, back away from the gossip.

Dave - 😏

Cora - Ohhh what?

Natia - Yeah, spill the beans.

Archan - Anything that can be used as blackmail to return Natia to me will be greatly rewarded.

Adaline - Sebastian...

Cora - Rewarded like how?

Archan - You want Hudson off your property? 

Cora - Yup.

Hudson - Liar.

Archan - Consider it done. 

Hudson - Try it, buddy, and those pretty feathers of yours will be lining my pillow tonight.

Sebastian - So Dave is apparently based off Adaline’s actual husband.

Cora - 😮

Hudson - 🤣

Natia - 🤔

Archan - 🙄

Duncan - 😤

Adaline - Duncan, what’s wrong?

Duncan - Nothing.

Natia - Dude, you can’t huff and not tell her.

Adaline - Tell me what?

Duncan - I thought I was your fictional husband.

Adaline - Oh erm 😬

Dave - Nope, that’s me. 😏 

Hudson - Your husband grows fur and howls at the moon?

Adaline - 🤷‍♀️

David - Only on weekends. 

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