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Session 6

Adaline - Let’s talk about sex.

Zee - Baby.

Natia - Let’s talk about you and.

Zee - Me.

Adaline - no no no. 🤦‍♀️ 

Zee - Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad-

Adaline - Stop. For the love of… <looks at Archan> just stop.

Cora - Who invited the freaky guy?

Zee - Have we met? 😏 

Adaline - The session is about sex, I couldn’t keep him out.

Zee - I am the expert.

Natia - How? Of all the people here you’ve got the least amount of action.

Hudson - Even I got a fumble and a kiss.

Archan - Myself and Natia beat you all.

Cora - Yeah yeah big guy you got the big kahonas. 🙄 

Adaline - If we can just focus for a second.

Hudson - If you’d care to inspect I’m sure I would measure up.

Natia - I can grab a ruler if you like?

Adaline - No rulers. 

Zee - I am but a mortal, but I outman you guys. Get the ruler. 

Adaline - This is meant to be a safe space to explore your sexual experiences and discuss if there is more you need from partner.

Hudson - I actually just need it to begin with.

Natia - <disappears and reappears a few seconds later brandishing a six inch ruler.> 

Archan - Woman, I make you scream. Don’t wave that tiny stick at me.

Hudson - Right, is that for the freak over there. <Points at Zee>

Adaline - We need to get back on topic. 

Zee - When you are ready to learn how to satisfy a woman, call me. 😉 

Adaline - <Jumps up and points at Archan> You need to learn to not use sex to distract Natia and yourself from the bigger issues.

Archan - 🤨 What bigger issues?

Adaline - The apocalypse. <Points at Natia> And you, young lady, need to stop letting him. Take control. Tie him down and have your wicked way, it’s empowering and he’ll secretly enjoy it.

Natia - Technically I’m way way older than you, Adaline.

Adaline - You sure about that? 

Natia - 😲

Adaline - <Points at Hudson> Stop trying to get in her panties and actual listen to Cora. Feel her heart, her soul, her love. When you stop trying to have sex, you’ll get it.

Hudson - Are you saying I have a one track mind?

Cora - You moved onto my property. That’s class A stalker behaviour. 

Hudson - I did it to plug a weak spot on your property.

Cora - And I suppose you take midnight strolls outside my bedroom window for ‘security reasons’. 🙄 

Hudson - I was patrolling the grounds. You were infiltrated by your own kind trying to murder you.

Cora - Then keep your eyes on the grounds and off my window as I prepare for bed.

Hudson - You could just shut the curtains. 

Zee - Tease.

Adaline - Cora, it’s about time you let someone in. Stop clinging to the notion all men will hurt you.

Natia - 🥺

Cora - Fine, singles night at the house is in a few weeks. I’ll find a man. 

Hudson - I’ll be there.

Cora - You’re not invited.

Zee - What’s your address, beautiful? ✍️ 

Adaline - And, Zee….

Zee - Yes, Adaline? 😘

Me - 🤦‍♀️ Everybody enjoys a flirt, but you need to find that special lady you want to dedicate all your flirting power to.

Zee - I don’t understand? You are suggesting I tie myself down?

Adaline - Yes.

Zee - No.

Adaline - Why not? I can write you a lovely woman. 

Zee - Because all this <gestures down body> is too much for one woman. I want a harem. 

Daphne - Dude, that’s my jam. Women aren’t interested in reading about one guy with lots of women. 🙄 

Zee - Who the fu*k are you?

Natia - I thought she was like the refreshments chick or something?

Archan - Trust your mind to attribute the presence of a stranger to food delivery.

Cora - So who the hell are you?

Daphne - 😏 

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