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Session 7
While the author is away...

Natia - Why do you have talking stick?

Archan - Adaline asked me to bring it back.

Zac - Because it worked so well last time.🙄

Natia - Why are you wearing a bow tie?

Duncan - On the group chat it said to wear a bow.

Door opens and a women waltzes in.

Liberty - The message said wear only a bow. I left the color choice to you (sighs) Simple instructions gang.

Door opens - Zee struts in.

Natia - OMG my eyes I can’t unsee it.

Zee - What? The message said wear only a bow.

Door opens - Jed strides in.

Zee - He got the memo!

Archan - You’re idiots.

Liberty - Naked idiots, they are forgiven, take a seat boys. We are just waiting for the rest of the Therapy gang.

Natia - They can’t sit on these seats like that! Their bits will touch them.

Archan - I love that you are a freak with me and a prude to the world.

Door opens - Cora and Hudson walk in.

Cora - Sorry we are late, Hudson had a furry moment.

Hudson - He smelled like catnip. Not my fault.

Cora -   Why are you guys naked?🤔

Jed - We’re not. We are wearing bows.

Cora - Alrighty then.

Hudson - Who the hell are you?

Liberty - I'm the PA.

Natia - 🤯 

Cora - Oh shit, what did you guys do? Adaline has brought in the big guns.

Liberty - What do you think they did?

Jed - Say nothing, she knows nothing, don’t incriminate yourself.

Zee -😬

Jed - No, Zee, there’s no evidence.

Liberty -  Evidence of what.🤔

Zee - He deserved it.

Jed - Dude!

Zee - I can’t help it. She’s got that stare…

Hudson - Wait, where’s Adaline?

Liberty - In her writing cave.

Hudson - Oh that old chestnut.🙄

Liberty - Do you want another book?

Hudson -🥶

Archan - Why do I have this stick?

Liberty - Oooo that’s for me. Can you make it appear in my hand?

Stick appears in liberty’s hand.

Liberty -🥰

Natia - What are you going to do with the stick.

Liberty tucks it away in her handbag.

Liberty -  Me? Nothing! 😳

Natia - Is this a sanctioned therapy session?

Cora - Yeah, does Adaline know you’ve invaded her head?

Liberty - Of course! But times up, thanks for the stick!

Liberty runs out of room.

Duncan - I’m not convinced that stick is going to be used for therapeutic purposes.

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