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Therapy Session 8

Session 8
New Girl

Adaline - Good evening everyone. It’s been awhile since our last session.

Zee - you abandoned us.

Adaline - I did not. I was working on something.

Lucifer - My book?

Adaline -😬

Duncan - It’s mine, I’m her favorite.

Adaline - Um…

Cora - Wait your turn boys. I’m unfinished.

Hudson - Yesh, I definitely have blue-

Adaline - Okay, okay, I’m working on Cora’s new book. Plus something else.

Archan - (Appears out of thin air with his wings sweeping out).

Natia - Quite the entrance.

Archan - I was picking up the new girl. (Pulls out a wide eyed woman from behind him).

Natia - Who the hell is that?

Archan - Calm down, wife. This is Rie. She’s from the group.

Cora - Oooo a fan?

Natia -  Like you need any more ego boost.🙄

Adaline - actually I asked him to bring her.

Rie - (waves) Hi.

Zee - New girl? Ooo, how you doin?

Adaline - Did you seriously just steel a line from Joey?

Natia - Rie, come sit here between me and Cora, otherwise you’ll suffocate with BDE.

Adaline - BDE?

Natia - Big d*ck energy.

Adaline -😳

Cora - Yeah we can protect you. Sit down, come tell us about yourself.

Rie - Takes a seat between the girls. Um, I’m not sure why Archan just kidnapped me from my family dinner.

Natia - What were you having?

Rie - Meatballs.

Natia - Next time we meet at Rie’s. The snacks in Adaline’s head suck.

Cora - Still doesn’t explain why she’s here.

Archan - Adaline told me too.

Adaline - I said - go speak to her, and give her an update on where my head is at with writing.

Archan - Mission accomplished. She’s in your head. You can’t get any more updated than that.

Duncan - Tell us about yourself, Rie.

Rie - Okay. My favorite color is black.

Lucifer - A girl after my heart.

Zee - You don’t have a heart.

Lucifer - Wrong, I’m missing a soul. But that’s another story. (Eyeballs Adaline) for Adaline to get her finger out her ass and write.

Rie - I also love red.

Natia - Now you’re talking.

Zee - Where exactly do you like red?

Rie -😳

Duncan - Stop it, Zee. No underwear discussion in therapy.

Adaline - That’s right, we made that a rule. Tell us more, Rie.

Rie - I love reading. Pride and prejudice is a favorite.

Zee - Like role play? Women in that era wore corsets and pantaloons.

Adaline -

Rie - 🙄 I also love the movie Date with an Angel.

Lucifer - Really. Do tell me more.

Zee - You're the devil.

Lucifer - (Stands up).

Cora - Oh no, he’s going to do the whole wing reveal thing again. 🙄

Lucifer - (Wings snap out and span meters). I’m the archangel Lucifer. God’s favorite child.

Archan - Were. You were God’s favorite.

Lucifer - I helped save the world.

Rie - (reaches out to touch the wing.)

Natia - Unless you’re ready to get your freak on with the devil, I suggest you don’t do that.

Adaline - Put your wings away, Lucifer. New rule - no wings in therapy.

Cora - I’ll add it to the list.

Rie - I have two children.

Zee - Married? Please say no.

Natia - bloody hell, I’m surrounded by one track minded idiots.

Rie - Yes, I’m married.

Zee - Damn.

Adaline - Stop it.

Zee - Who me? I’m just being nice. Do you plan on him being forever, or are you looking for your next one?

Rie - Forever.

Hudson - Ignore him. What do you do for a living?

Rie - I’m a manager.

Zee - Dominating? I can get on board with that.

Duncan - Married, Zee. Leave her alone.

Zee - Sorry, Rie. (Pouts and bats his eyelashes).

Rie - I’m also a writer.

Natia - Oooo another imaginative mind to play!

Cora - That’s so cool. You can come back.

Adaline - Am I being replaced?

Natia - Take a holiday.

Cora - Go write my book. Rie has got this.

Rie - Um, it’s okay thanks. I have enough on my plate.

Duncan -  Rejection hurts. 😬

Hudson - It’s fine, Adaline created us. And like kids, she’s responsible for us. Right?

Everyone - (looks around the room).

Zee - She left.

Archan - You told her to take a holiday, I suspect she’s halfway to beach by now.

Natia - Damn it. Rie, you stay. We can’t be left unsupervised.

Everyone - (looks around the room).

Lucifer - She also left.

Natia - Damn it again. I wanted meatballs.

Zee - Always with the food, woman.

Archan - We are unsupervised… let the games begin.

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