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Therapy Session 9 - Adaline Needs Therapy Too

Session 9
Adaline Needs Therapy Too

Adaline - Take your seats everyone, I have news.

Natia - Wild guess - it’s the new couple in the room.

Cora - Who is the tall drink of darkness?

Archan - That would be me.

Natia - She didn’t mean actual darkness.

Hudson - 🙄 Adaline couldn’t write an ugly dude with an uninteresting life for once?

Adaline - Where’s the fun in that?

Natia - Word.

Lucifer - What word?

Natia - Not a word… It means she feels it too.

Lucifer - I don’t understand.

Adaline - Don’t worry about it.

Lucifer - Well now I am worried about it.

Natia - Dude, you just worry about your soul given you’ve been without it now for what? A year?

Lucifer - I’m fine.

Natia - Of course you are Lulu. 

Adaline - Everyone meet Adriel.

Cora - oooo nice name. What are you?

Adriel - I am the Prince of Shadows.

Hudson - That’s a big title.

Adriel - I’m a big boy.

Natia - 🤣 

Cora - 😂 

Lucifer - I’m the King of Hell.

Natia - If he gets his… oh never mind.

<Lucifer stands and his big white wings snap out>

Adriel - I gathered with the name, no need for the feathered appendages. 

Cora - Oh, I like him. And who is your lovely lady?

Adriel - This isn’t my lady.

Cora - Oh boy, you are at the beginning of your journey right? Where denial about your feelings and angst are everywhere.

Natia - I love this part.

Adaline - That’s not his lady, don’t speak to her. 

Archan - Who is she then?

Adaline - 🤦‍♀️ I said leave it.

Hudson - Oooo a new new book? Good job Adriel - Adaline has already moved on and you aren’t on to book 2 yet.

Adriel - Unlikely, females don’t move on from me at all.

Adaline - Everyone stop. This is Laura.

Cora - Nice solid name I like it, what are you? Witch?

Lucifer - Demon?

Archan - Mysterious being?

Hudson - Why is she writing everything we say down?

Laura - 👀 

Natia - Is she making notes? I’m a well rounded, level headed goddess. Note that down.

Archan - 😂 

Lucifer - 🤣 

Natia - What? I’ve grown, I now text you before I make stupid decisions.

Archan - Like last week?

Natia - 😳 We shall not speak of last week.

Hudson - What happened?

Lucifer - There was an incident involving one of my minions.

Natia - He looked legit.

Archan - Demons are never legit.

Natia - Apart from Trevor.

Cora - Aww, Trevor, how is he?

Natia - Wanting another girls night in with you.

Hudson - Back to the issue, who is the mysterious Laura? New book? New character? 

Adaline - She’s my therapist okay! I need therapy dealing with you guys hammering around in my mind like it’s your personal playground. When I want to write the next book you instead start talking over each other, shouting to be heard like we are at a boy band concert and I am your dream boy. It’s exhausting. You are exhausting. Laura is here to keep me sane.

Cora - 😮 

Natia - 👀 

Hudson - 🫣 

Archan - 🙄 

Adriel - clearly I shouted louder and clearer than you. Not surprising given I am the Prince of Shadows.

Laura - I’ve concluded you have an unhealthy obsession with fictional men who couldn’t ever exist in real life. Arrogant possessive alphaholes who fight for their women until the death.

Adaline - Yup.

Cora - Wow, she’s good. Could you take over the group?

Laura - What?

Natia - Clearly our little Adaline needs a break. 

Laura - <Darts a look at the door>

Lucifer - <Poofs in front of the door> There’s no escape now.

Laura - <Jumps up, throat punches Lulu, then makes a break for it>.

Cora - I really like her, bring her back next week, Adaline. 

Adaline - 🤦‍♀️ 

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