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Text Message. The Fridge

The Fridge

Natia - So you know that unidentified body?

Zee - Which one?

Natia - There’s more than one?

Zee - Check the fridge.

Natia- ............. I can only see the fresh one.

Zee - Not the body fridge, the food fridge.

Duncan - Please tell me you didn’t put it in there.

Aaden - What did you do?

Zee - Wait for it.

Natia - WTF! 

Zee - One, nil.

Natia - You put severed leprechaun parts in with my lasagne leftovers!! You’re evil, pure evil.

Duncan - I’ll pick something up on my way over.

Duncan - Chinese or italian?

Duncan - Natia?

Natia - Don’t bother, I’ve picked out the bits and It’s making its merry way around the microwave now.

Aaden - That’s unsanitary.

Zee - She eats any meat.

Aaden - Not true, she doesn’t like lamb.

Zee - That’s not what I meant.... I was referring to (delete) you’re right, she doesn’t.

Aaden - Natia, are you talking about the demon with the horn?

Natia - Yes the unihorn.

Duncan - That’s not a thing.

Natia - It is now. 

Jed - Your eating leprechaun leftovers?

Natia - How did you get on the group chat?

Zee - I invited him.

Aaden - You didn’t clear that with me.

Jed - Don’t be mad, you can’t have the Scooby gang without shaggy. 

Natia - Buffy needs her Zander. 

Zee - I thought I was Zander?

Natia - Nope, you’re Spike.

Duncan - Here she goes.

Zee - Buffy and Spike end up together don’t they?

Natia - Eventually, but he’s a rebound from Angel.

Zee - I’ll take it. Who’s Giles?

Natia - Hang on...

Jed - Where’d she go?

Duncan - Natia, what’s wrong with the body?

Aaden - I’m in the Rec room. I’ll go find her.

Jed - Duncan, you are so Giles.

Duncan - I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Zee - Are you picking up food for the rest of us, or does princess Waterford get special treatment?

Duncan - The leprechaun wasn’t poisoned was it?

Natia - Stop stressing! I was going to ask why his heart was still beating.

Zee - Why was it still beating?

Natia - I don’t know.

Aaden - She cut it out. 

Zee - What? 

Natia - It’s fine I stored it with your beers.

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