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cora roberts

Cora Roberts

whispers of the dead

White Castle is a small town with big secrets. It’s the epicentre of the paranormal community. Expect the wolves to be large and the town’s blood supply to be short.
I’m the local bed and breakfast owner who offers extras such as supernatural autopsies and burials, earning me the title of
The Undertaker. A string of murders brings the lord of the shifters and the vampire prince to my door. Together we take on the evil lurking in the shadows. But as we draw closer to the truth, they begin to unpick my secrets, which I must protect with my life. Pity they have the best senses in town.
My name is Cora Roberts, elemental badass with a secret that will rock the world.

shadows of the soul

A terrifying entity stalks the small town of White Castle, leaving a blaze of blood and destruction in its wake. My home is ground zero for the malevolent power capable of corrupting a symbol of purity.

The supernatural factions are being manipulated by the devious head of The Order, and I am a pawn in their game. Working together with Hudson, the lord of shifters, we must fight against shadows to not only save my friends, but the entire town. Everything is on the line, my life, my secrets, and my heart. The problem is, this time we are taking on family. My family.

Blood is, after all, thicker than water.

serpents of the dawn

Cora Roberts, daughter of death and elemental badass, thought she had faced the worst White Castle had to offer. But when her grandmother, the head of the elementals, sets her sights on ruling over all supernatural factions, the stakes are raised higher than ever before.

As Cora struggles to navigate her newfound relationship with Hudson, the king of shifters, and protect those she loves from her grandmother's machinations, she discovers that the true enemy may be closer than she ever imagined.

With danger lurking around every corner and alliances shifting in the face of power, Cora must use all her strength and cunning to survive in this epic battle for control. Will she be able to protect her friends, her family, and her mate? Or will she become just another casualty in her grandmother's quest for domination?

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