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A cursed maiden. Four unruly knights. A chance meeting that will entwine their destinies.
Daphne Stone lives with her sister on the outskirts of the precious Hallows, where all the shiny and blessed fairy-tale folk live.
Every annus, Prince Charming searches the realm for his fated Cinderella. Without fail, he finds her, beds her, and moves on to his next conquest.
This annus, he chooses Daphne’s sister. The three ride into the Hallows, where
Daphne encounters four brotherly knights. Together, they turn the old as time tales on their heads. She begins to fall for each of them as they capture a piece of her heart—and her floof.
But will the Idols, who demand the original storylines to be played out, stand for this rebellion? And who will suffer the consequences?
After all, every tale has something wicked lurking within the words. that will rock the world.

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